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英国艺术类essay代写 art essay代写

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Egyptian art

英国艺术类essay代写 The paintings depicted the life of the dead persons. For instance, Queen Nefertari tomb’s paintings help to trace her lineage Pharaoh Ay

Queen Nefertari Tomb Paintings 英国艺术类essay代写

The piece of art I chose is the tomb wall paintings in Queen Nefertari’s tomb, which clearly tell the story of her life and her afterlife.

Ancient tomb painting made by the Egyptians are elaborate and tell the story of the people buried in this tombs mostly, royals such as the kings, queens, priests and other royal officials. The paintings were made using elaborate techniques. Walls were first marked using red guidelines. Mostly human figures were used. After sketching, preliminary sketches were corrected and painted using tempera. Most of the paints cam form mineral based pigments that natural occurred in the desert. For instance calcium carbonate and gypsum were used to make the white paints. Intense white came from hunite while different forms of carbon such as charcoal and soot were used to produce the black color. Ochre produced a range of colors including red while blue was derived from azurite.


奈菲尔塔利王后墓画  英国艺术类essay代写


埃及人制作的古墓画制作精美,主要讲述埋葬在这座坟墓中的人们的故事,包括国王、王后、祭司和其他皇室官员等皇室成员。 这些画作是使用精心制作的技术制作的。 墙壁首先使用红色指南进行标记。 主要使用人物形象。 绘制草图后,使用蛋彩校正和绘制初步草图。 大多数油漆都可以形成沙漠中天然存在的矿物颜料。 例如,碳酸钙和石膏用于制造白色涂料。 强烈的白色来自 hunite 而不同形式的碳,如木炭和烟灰被用来产生黑色。 赭石产生一系列颜色,包括红色,而蓝色则来自蓝铜矿。


Sometime carvings were made on the wall prior to the painting.  英国艺术类essay代写

The paintings depicted the life of the dead persons. For instance, Queen Nefertari tomb’s paintings help to trace her lineage Pharaoh Ay due to the presence of the Pharaohs cartouche. They also tell the story of her family with Pharaoh Rameses II, their children and their legacy. Such paintings show the dead people in the afterlife, a depiction of the Egyptian belief in the afterlife. Nefertari’s tomb paintings also depict her interactions with goddesses such as goddess Hathor who give her Ankh and have strong divine meaning.  It was believed that such painting would connect the dead, such as Nefertari, with the other dead as they continued with life in the new world. Her tomb’s art is so far the best preserved set of paintings among the ancient Egyptian paintings.



这些画描绘了死者的生活。 例如,由于法老的漩涡纹饰的存在,奈菲尔塔利王后墓的绘画有助于追溯她的法老艾伊的血统。 他们还讲述了她与法老拉美西斯二世的家庭、他们的孩子和他们的遗产的故事。 这些画展示了死者的来世,描绘了埃及人对来世的信仰。 Nefertari 的墓葬画也描绘了她与女神的互动,如女神 Hathor 赋予她的十字章并具有强烈的神圣意义。 人们相信,这样的画可以将死者(例如 Nefertari)与其他死者联系起来,因为他们将在新世界中继续生活。 她的墓葬艺术是迄今为止古埃及绘画中保存最完好的一组绘画。

Stylization and idealization in Egyptian royal portraiture and Pharaohs’ divine/human aspects  英国艺术类essay代写

Stylization and idealization was a common component of the Egyptian royal portrayal arts. Certainly the two have a close connection both human and divine aspects of the pharaohs. This clearly evident in the pharaonic royal portraiture of Khafre in the sculpture Khafre enthroned. Khafre wears a simple kilt and sits on the throne in a rigidly upright stature. The throne is made of two stylized lions. The throne has and papyrus plants and an intertwined lotus which symbolize the unification of Egypt, between Khafre’s legs. Horus, the falcon-god extend his wings protectively over Khafre’s head, who wear a royal false beard, and linen headdress, which has the ureaus cobra symbolic of kingship the head dress covers his forehead and fall on his shoulders the same way it does on the Great Sphinx. All this portray Khafre as a divine ruler.  英国艺术类essay代写

The sculptor made Khafre’s body well developed and flawless, and gave him a perfect face not taking into consideration his actual appearance and age. The makes the sculpture meet what the Egyptians considered as the ideal proportion of representing their gods and kings. Khafre’s sculpture is not a true portrait and was not intended to be since Pharaonic portraiture was never meant to record true images but proclaim the divine character of the Egyptian kingship. Thus, Khafre enthroned exudes serenity and is unbelievably symmetrical.





Work cited   英国艺术类essay代写

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Khafre enthroned. 2570 BC


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